Stars Over Satellites

"Where Chugs Meet Love"

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Nick - Vocals/Spin Kicks/Backflips

Jeffy C - Guitar/Vocals

Coot - Bass/Vocals

Loafy - Guitar/Vocals/Screams

P. Diddy - Drums

Influences ** A SECOND CHANCE (www.ascrock.com) ** THE LIFESTYLE (www.lifestylerock.com) ** UnderOATH, Silverstein, Finch, Dead Poetic, Beloved, Unearth, Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy, Matchbook Romance, Thrice, Glassjaw, He Is Legend

Upcoming Shows
Sep 4 2004 10:30P
New Eagle Fall River, MA
Sep 9 2004 6:00P
Club Crannell Poughkeepsie, NY
Sep 10 2004 6:30P
The Maxx New Milford, CT
Sep 24 2004 6:30P
Vision Nightclub Saugus, MA